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The following is a listing of railways planned or built in the province of New Brunswick, Canada. There is much detail to be added but hopefully this will provide a starting point for the interested reader.

For a detailed look at the current railways operating in New Brunswick please visit my New Brunswick Railways web site.

A Albert and Moncton 1911 Albert Railway Company 1864 Albert Southern Railway 1878
  Aroostook Junction and Limestone 1896 Aroostook Valley Railroad Company Atlantic and Quebec Railway
  Atlantic and North-West 1879 Atlantic, Quebec and Western Railroad  
B Baltimore Coal Mining and Railway 1894 Barnesville and Norton 1896 Beaver Coal and Railway 1923
  Beersville Coal and Railroad Company 1903 Brunswick Mining and Smelting Railway Buctouche and Moncton Railroad Company
  Buctouche and Rexton 1905 Buctouche Railway and Transportation 1910  
C Calais and St. Stephen Railway Bridge Co. 1882 Canada, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia Railway Company Canada Eastern Railway 1902
  Canada Railway and Coal 1872 Canadian Atlantic Railway 1988 Canadian Government Railways
  Canadian National Railway Canadian Pacific Railway Canadian Terminal Railway 1907
  Canton and Grand Lake 1916 Cape Tormentine Railway Company Caraquet and Gulf Shore Railway Company
  Caraquet Railway Company Carleton, City of Saint John Branch Railroad 1870 Carleton and Miramichi Railroad Company
  Central and North-Eastern Railway 1890 Central Railway Company Chatham Branch Railroad Company 1870
  Chatham Railway Company 1870 Chignecto Railway Company 1840 Colonial Iron, Coal and Railway Company
  Commercial Electric Company 1895 Consolidated Electric Company 1892 Consolidated European & North American 1875
D Dalhousie Branch Railway Company 1873 Douglastown Branch Railway Company 1885  
E Eastern Extension Railroad Eastern Railway Company 1870 Elgin and Havelock Railway 1894
  Elgin, Petitcodiac and Havelock Railroad 1878 European and North American Railway 1840  
F Fredericton and Grand Lake Coal and Railroad Company 1910 Fredericton and St. Mary's Bridge 1871 Fredericton and St. Mary's Railway Bridge 1885
  Fredericton and Western Railway 1902 Fredericton Branch Railroad Fredericton, Gibson and Marysville Electric 1893
  Fredericton Railway Company 1866 Fredericton Street Railway Company 1887  
G Gagetown and Petersville Railway Company 1866 Alexander Gibson Company 1903 Alexander Gibson Railway & Manufacturing 1898
  Grand Falls Electric Railway 1914 Grand Falls Railway Company 1850 Grand Southern Railway Company 1872
  Gulf Shore Railway Company    
H Halifax and Quebec Railway 1848 Hampton and St. Martin's Railway 1897 Hampton Railway Company 1882
  Hartland and Miramichi Railway 1910 Hartland Railway Company 1887 Harvey Branch Railroad Company 1878
  Herring Cove Railway Company 1904 Hillsborough Branch Railway Company 1876 Hillsborough Plaister and Railway Company 1851
  Houlton Branch Railway 1867    
I Intercolonial Railway International Railway 1877 International Railway of New Brunswick 1903
  Interprovincial Railway Bridge Co. of N.B. 1904    
K Kent Coal and Railway Company 1915 Kent Northern Extension Railway 1903 Kent Northern Railway
  Kent Railway Company 1875    
L Lewy's Island Railroad Company 1855    
M Magaguadivic Railway Company 1852 Maine Central Railroad Company 1912 Miramichi Bay Shore Railway 1912
  Miramichi Midland Railway 1895 Miramichi, Richibucto & Shediac Branch Rly. 1866 Miramichi Valley Railway Company
  Moncton and Buctouche Railway 1894 Moncton and Eastern Railway 1902 Moncton and Gulf Railway 1906
  Moncton and Harvey Short Line Railway 1889 Moncton and Northumberland Strait Railway 1913 Moncton and Prince Edward Island Railway and Ferry Company 1913
  Moncton Electric Street Rly, Heat & Power 1894 Moncton Electric Tram-way Company 1890 Moncton Electricity & Gas Company 1934
  Moncton Street Railway 1887 Moncton Tramway, Electricity & Gas Co. 1910  
N National Transcontinental Railway 1903 Nelson Branch Railway Company 1892 Nepisquit Railway Company 1925
  Nerepis and Long Island Railway Company 1912 New Brunswick and Canada Railroad 1873 New Brunswick and Canada Rly. & Land Co. 1856
  New Brunswick and Prince Edward Railway 1874 New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island Railway 1889 New Brunswick Central Railway Co. 1904
  New Brunswick Coal and Railway 1905 New Brunswick Coal and Railroad Company 1901 New Brunswick Coal Company 1893
  New Brunswick East Coast Railway 1998 New Brunswick Power Company 1917 New Brunswick Railway Company 1846
  New Brunswick Southern Railway 1901 New Brunswick Southern Railway Co. Ltd. 1995 New Brunswick Trunk Line Railway 1892
  Newcastle Railway Company 1888 Nipisiquit and Seaboard Railway Company 1953 North Shore and Salisbury Junction Railroad Company
  North Shore Railway & Navigation Co. 1912 North Shore Railway Co., Limited 1907 Northern and Western Railway Co of N.B. 1872
  Northern New Brunswick and Seaboard Railroad Company 1909 Northern Railway Company 1874 Northumberland Straits Tunnel Company 1886
P Peoples Street Railway Company 1866 Petitcodiac and Elgin Branch Railway 1874 Port Canada Docks Railway Company 1915
Q Quebec, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia Rly. 1903 Queen's County Coal and Railway Company 1893  
R Railroad Leasing & Traffic Co. of N.B. 1888 Restigouche and Victoria Colonization Railway Company 1885 Restigouche and Victoria Railway 1896
  Restigouche and Western Railway 1897    
S St. Andrews and Canada Land Company St. Andrews and Quebec Railway 1836 St. Andrews and St. Croix Railway 1878
  St. Andrews Deep Sea Wharf and Railway 1867 St. Andrews Railway St. Croix and Penobscot Railroad 1870
  St. Croix Docks and Railway 1912 Saint John and Eastern Railroad Company 1887 Saint John and Loch Lomond Railway 1882
  Saint John and Maine Railway Company 1878 Saint John and North Eastern Railway 1883 Saint John and Quebec Rly. Bridge Co. 1912
  Saint John and Quebec Railroad 1910 Saint John and Riviere Du Loup Railroad Company Saint John and Shediac Railway 1849
  Saint John Bridge and Railroad Extension Company 1881 Saint John City Railway 1886 Saint John Forwarding & Trade Promoting Ass. 1888
  Saint John River Railway 1888 Saint John Railway Company 1894 Saint John Suburban Railway 1913
  Saint John Valley & Riviere du Loup 1885 Saint John Valley Railway 1901 - 1909 St. Louis, Richibucto & Buctouche Rly. 1882
  St. Martins and Upham Railroad 1871 St. Martin's Railway 1906 St. Stephen and Milltown Railroad 1886
  St. Stephen and Milltown Street Railway 1887 St. Stephen Electric Street Railway 1891 St. Stephen Nickel Railway Co. 1893
  St. Stephen Railroad Co. 1851 St. Stephen's Branch Railroad 1864 Salem & Hillsborough Railroad 1984?
  Salisbury and Albert Railroad Company 1909 Salisbury & Harvey 1889 Shediac and Cape Tormentine Railroad 1886
  Shediac and Coast Railroad Company 1899 Shediac and Saint John Rail Road 1836 Shore Line Railway Bridge Company 1890
  Shore Line Railway Company 1889 South Shore Line Railway Company 1900 Southampton and Harvey Railway 1894
  Southampton Railway 1910 Sunbury and Queen's County Railway 1874 Sussex, Studholm and Havelock Railway 1889 - 1912
T Temiscouata, Newcastle & Shippegan Railway 1889 Temiscouata Railway Tobique and Campbellton Railway 1904
  Tobique Gypsum & Colonization Railway 1888 Tobique (Valley) Railway Company 1885 Tobique Valley Railway Extension Co. 1915
  Twin Trees Mines Railway 1904    
V Valley Railway Company Van Buren Bridge and Railway 1913 VIA Rail Canada 1977
W Washington County Railway 1900 Western Extension Railroad Western Railway Company 1891
  Woodstock and Centreville Railway 1887 Woodstock and Harvey Railway 1881 Woodstock and Houlton Railway 1894
  Woodstock Branch Railway Woodstock Electric Rly, Light & Power 1896 Woodstock Railway Company 1864
Y York and Carleton Mining Company 1847 York and Carleton Railroad 1887  

Noted Passenger Trains in New Brunswick

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