History of the New Brunswick Railway Company

Aroostook Subdivision

The Aroostook Subdivision was constructed in 1876 by the NBR. In July 1890, a lease was entered into between the NBR and the Canadian Pacific Railway. The terms of the lease state that the NBR leased to CP certain lines of railway in the Province of New Brunswick, including the Aroostook Subdivision.

The Aroostook Subdivision began at Aroostook at Mileage 0.0 at the junction with CP's Shogomoc and Edmundston Subdivisions and extended westward 4.82 miles to the International Boundary. The stations located on the line were Aroostook (M. 0.0) and Tinker (M. 3.0). The line connected with the Aroostook Valley Railroad at Washburn Junction, Maine.

On June 6, 1988, CP applied to the National Transportation Agency to abandon the subdivision. It was ordered to be abandoned in Order No. 1989-R-41, March 3, 1989.

The NBR built the Gibson segment in 1873 and the Shogomoc segment between 1871 and 1878. On July 1, 1890, these branch lines were leased to Canadian Pacific Railway for a period of 990 years.

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