The next day, we headed to the mall to check on the status of the tuxedos, pick up a few last minute gifts, and get the boys their haircuts. Once all that was taken care of, we too headed out to Chaplin. Monday and Tuesday kind of blur together for me, but on Wednesday, Bethany and Darryl arrived from Winnipeg, with the makings of The Cake. Since Bethany is a chef, I had asked her to make the wedding cake for us, and she eventually agreed. We also spent one evening putting the Treat Bags for the tables together. Thursday was an trip into Moose Jaw to get my dress and a few more last minute things, and then, it was Friday. Rehearsal Day.

Bethany, Leah and I headed into Moose Jaw to get the reception room ready, and have a few treatments at the Spa . I had a manicure, pedicure and facial. I'd never had any of this done and it was all going okay until I went in for my facial and she said to me "Okay, you can take your top off now..." I had no idea this was necessary for a facial but as I was about to find out, they also massage your shoulders during a facial. Who knew?

After our treatments, we raced back to Chaplin for the Rehearsal. We got married at the Chaplin United Church. As we were waiting for everyone to arrive, the minister filled out the Register book that stays in the church. It was so cool to flip back through the pages and find my mom and dad's wedding (November 8, 1969), as well as my aunt and uncle's wedding (July 31, 1976) listed in that book.

Mom, Dad, and Chrissie with her lovely Shower Hat Alyia Practicing Walking Down the Aisle

After the Rehearsal, it was back to Val and Al's for a wonderful supper prepared by my mom, then lots of laughs and conversation with friends. As of yet I have no pictures from the Rehearsal Dinner - hopefully there will be some coming soon. We gave out our attendant gifts which were very well received. I gave Steve his gift of a watch with "For All Time - March 30, 2002" engraved on the back, and he gave me my gift of diamond earrings.

Steve and Nick stayed in Moose Jaw that night, and I was left to try and get some sleep. I chatted with Leah and Charmaine for a while, then read well into the night, trying to make myself tired enough to sleep.

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