The Ring Well, let's start at the beginning... It was Wednesday, June 13, 2001. I had worked a 9-5 shift in Oromocto. Steve and I had spent the evening puttering around cleaning for my parents' upcoming visit, and watching TV. Around 10pm, there was nothing on. So Steve shut off the TV, and in mocking a current Starchoice commercial, said we needed to talk about our Relationship. He told me he was talking about me to a co-worker that day and hated using the word 'girlfriend', because I was much more than that. Common-law spouse just sounds silly, so he wanted to make it official. He got out my beautiful ring and asked me there and then if I'd marry him. I'm not even sure I said Yes. I think I just sniffled and nodded and said okay. The picture comes no where even close to doing it justice, but it's all I've got!

Jump ahead 282 to days and it's March 23, 2002, the day we leave for home. Our flight was at the ridiculously early hour of 6:20am, meaning we left for the airport shortly after 5am, meaning we got up at around 4:30. Now factor in the 2 hour time difference and you'll see we essentially got up at 2:30am. Our flights were uneventful. The airline food was horrible as usual. We landed in Regina at around 11am. Steve went to get the rental as I waited for our mountains of luggage. Amazingly, 5 of the first 8 pieces on the carousel were ours, so we were on our way.

We had to go to Moose Jaw to get a marriage license, drop off my dress for steaming, and arrange for the flowers. After those tasks were complete, it was back to Regina for Sweet Baby Alyia's birthday party! She was 2! We stayed for presents and cake, then it was off to Charmaine's. We went out for supper with her and Brian, then it was off the the Hockey Game! The Regina Pats were in the playoffs with the Moose Jaw Warriors, and we got tickets courtesy of Alyia's Daddy, the radio play-by-play announcer. By the time the game was over, we were exhausted. We got back to Charmaine's only to find we were locked out! Both she and Brian were out with people involved in the other wedding they had to attend that weekend, and out of habit, had locked the door behind them as they left. Thankfully, I remembered Charmaine's cell phone number, so I was able to call her to find out how to break into their house! It was nearly midnight and it was finally time to sleep.

Donna, Renee, Mom, Shawna, Chrissie, Leah, Charmaine, Darlene, Spencer (the dog) The next day was my birthday and my bridal shower! I awoke to a present of a diamond pendant from Steve! He said "Happy Birthday!" and I said, "OH YEAH!" I had been so wrapped up in the wedding that I almost forgot about my birthday. Anyone who knows me will know how unusual THAT is. We got ready to go over to Shawna's house, where the shower was being hosted. We were the first to arrive, but before long, Gram and Aunt Addie and Val and Leah and Josh and Renee were there, followed only minutes later by Mom and Dad. I hadn't seen any of these people since August so it was a bit overwhelming for me.

Val, Gram, Jae-Anne, Aunt Addie

We had a fantastic brunch. Bethany sent the most amazing quiches, even though she couldn't be there to enjoy the day. We played a few silly games, and opened the presents. There were so many lovely things.

Smile Nick!!!Baby Tater

Nick had a good time too. That's him dancing with our flower girl, Alyia on the right. On the left is Alyia's cousin, Taylor. Could she BE any cuter?? Later that afternoon, my family all headed to Chaplin, and we headed to Charmaine's for an evening of Chinese food and The Oscars.

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