In the beginning.... (1973-1977)

    I was born in Unity, Saskatchewan on March 24, 1973. My dad was working for the Bank of Montreal at that time, and transfers were a way of life. We moved to Prince Albert in May of 1973, then had stops in Tisdale and Burstall before finally moving to Saskatoon in 1977. To say the least, I remember very little about this time.

Saskatoon, Part I (1977-1983)
    We moved to Saskatoon in the spring of 1977. We had to live in a townhouse until our house at 70 Laurentian Drive was vacated. My earliest memory is riding the bus past our new house and having my mother point out the 2 kids and the dog on the lawn next to ours. She told me that they might be good friends for me. Little did she know that almost 25 years later, that little girl would be the matron of honour at my wedding this spring. Shawna Peace (she'll always be Shawna Peace to me. I know she's married and that's not her name anymore) and I have been friends since that fateful June day in 1977 when I couldn't get the car door open to get my frisbee, and she was able to help me, being 4 months older and all. Even though she was a grade older and attended a different school, we were inseparable the entire time we were next-door neighbours.

    While living in Saskatoon, I attended Roland Michener School, from Kindergarten to Grade 4.
Saskatoon, Part II (1983-1986)
    Some time in late 1982 or early 1983, my parents, along with Shawna's parents, decided to move. So move we did. Our families built identical houses across town on Meilicke Road. That was a procedure I'd rather not relive. I spent far too much time in Beaver Lumber during that time. After many delays, we finally moved in to our house at 218 Meilicke Road in mid-August.

    That fall, I started attending Caswell School in the so-called Ac-Tal program. This program brought the 'gifted students' from around the city to a single classroom for more advanced learning. Or something. In any case, it involved a lot of busses to school, and a lot of driving to get to friends' houses. I truly enjoyed my 3 years at that school, and always wished that I could have done my Grade 8 year there.
Regina, Part I (1986-1990)
    On May 14, 1986, tragedy struck. After enjoying 9 idyllic years in Saskatoon, I was informed that my dad was being transferred to Regina. It was horrible. In no way did I want to leave Saskatoon. However when you're 13, you pretty much go where your parents go.

    I started at Centennial School for Grade 8. It was not a good time. That's all I'll say about that. In 1987, I started High School at Thom Collegiate. Although Grade 9 left something to be desired, I started in the Advanced Program in Grade 10. It was there that I met Charmaine, Cindy and Jen. We were the best of friends. At one point, we all even worked at McDonald's together. I won't get into the McVan stories though. I was happy, I had adjusted to leaving Shawna in Saskatoon. All was well.
Winnipeg (1990-1996)
    On December 7, 1989, tragedy struck again. This time my dad was being transferred to Winnipeg. This was the worst news ever. I was halfway through Grade 11. In fact, I had just received my Grad Ring - Cindy and I were thinking ahead and got them in Grade 11 so we wouldn't have so many Grad-related expenses the next year. When I found out, I got fairly hysterical, but eventually was resigned to the fact that we would be moving. We were able to compromise - I was able to finish off my Grade 11 in Regina, by staying with friends of the family.

    I started Grade 12 at Glenlawn Collegiate in the fall of 1990. After a rather depressing and uneventful year, I graduated second overall in June 1991.

    That summer, I won a spot in the Summer Language Bursary Program to study French. I chose to go to Vancouver - a hotbed of French language. Or else just a really cool place to go. It was a fantastic summer - I'd recommend the program to anyone.

    In the fall, I began my studies at the University of Manitoba. I spent my first year taking general introductory science classes, before being accepted into the Faculty of Pharmacy. While I wouldn't go so far as to call my four years there fun, it wasn't all bad. I got my education and made a few friends. I graduated in May of 1996.
Crystal City, Manitoba (1996-1998)
    My first job out of university was at Rock Lake Pharmacy in Crystal City, Manitoba as Pharmacy Manager. Crystal City is a small farming community of about 400 people in south western Manitoba. While it wasn't the most exciting place to live, it was a fantastic place to learn to be a pharmacist. Small-town people are very patient and forgiving of a new graduate. I spent 2 years in Crystal City before moving on to bigger and better things.
Regina, Part II (1998-2000)
    In June of 1998, I moved back to Regina. I was tired of the isolation of Crystal City, and really felt no need to go back to Winnipeg. I chose Regina because I still had friends there. Charmaine was still there, and Shawna was on the verge of moving there too. It was an ideal situation. I found a job at Shoppers Drug Mart. I worked there for 2 years, steadily growing less and less satisfied with the job. I worked a LOT of night shifts - in fact only 5 or 6 out of an 8 week period were day shifts. So although I was in the same city as my friends, my schedule was opposite theirs so I still rarely got to see them.

    I was also becoming increasingly involved with Steve. We had met the first time in 1998 in Montreal, and over time had fallen in love. The catch? He lived in New Brunswick. In April of 1999 he asked me if I would move out there and live with him. It took me a LONG time to decide. On one hand, I loved him and wanted to be with him. On the other, New Brunswick is a LONG way from Saskatchewan, and all my friends and family. Eventually Steve won out, and I made plans to move again. My only stipulation? I couldn't leave until Shawna had her baby. Miss Alyia Rayne was born on March 23, 2000. She's absolutely precious. I can't believe I live so far away from her and her mommy.
Fredericton (2000-present)
    On May 19, 2000 Steve and I started our journey eastward. With all my stuff packed up on the moving truck, we set out in my car. We spent 2 days with my parents in Winnipeg, before pushing on eastward. We arrived in Fredericton on May 26. It was a hellish trip - I was only just a little bit stressed about the whole thing, making me a total &$%*@ the entire time. Luckily we survived the trip.

    Once again, I am working at Shoppers Drug Mart. We bought a new house in September 2000, and got married in March 2002. The next big thing will be the arrival of our sweet baby in January 2003.