The city pulses at night
The lights shining ever bright
The city looms overhead
What a beautiful sight!

I walk the shadowed streets
Hunting out the secret retreats
Shadowy figures in doorways
Beckoning for my attention

Glancing all about I walk
Passing a couple engrossed in talk
Another liason made
Soon locked in frenzied embrace
I wish it were me...

Feeling excitement ever strong
Knowing that anything can go wrong
Glancing about
Searching the deadly shadows
The city looms overhead
ever ominous...

Rushing to my room so fast
Knowing that the fear cannot last
Ominous people staring
Watching and waiting
What will they do?
Please stay away...

Arriving at my room in a rush
The city slows to a hush
Thank God, I coulda been killed!
Hey... that was great!

Toronto, From CN Tower
Downtown Toronto, taken from the CN Tower, 1987
Written February 24, 1987

In February of 1987, I flew to Toronto by myself and spent a week in the downtown area. This was the first time I'd ever been away from home by myself, and it was kind of a "coming of age" experience for me. I spent my time wandering the city streets, checking out museums, the Art Gallery of Ontario, U of T, etc. It was a good time.

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