Those Dreams of You

"I still recall the first time I saw your face, I was enchanted, enraptured by your surpassing beauty ... you stole my heart at a moment's glance with your easy grace and casual smile."

"I felt so much the jester, trying so hard to impress you, to make an impression, when all I could do was stumble over my own feet and shyly whisper a few words ... I remember how you rewarded my clumsy efforts with a gentle touch and a few kind words ... from that moment on I knew I was captured, beyond recovery. And I knew also that I did not mind this, rather, I treasured it and awaited more."

"After the event, I could not restrain myself from telling all my friends about you; I went on at length about all your actions, about your face, your voice, your actions. My companions from the event agreed that you were easily the most beautiful and charming lady at the event, but I could tell that none was as smitten as I was with you, that none appreciated your grace and beauty quite as much as I did, and I knew that I longed for another glimpse of you."

"I recall our second occasion, as allies in a large and exciting battle. Your gentle hand saved me from dire disaster, and again I fell deeply, so deeply in love with you. You were so beautiful that day, I could hardly bear the sight of you ... the sun streaming through your long blonde hair, the quintessinal lady in red. My companions and I saw that you were undoubtedly the most beautiful lady at the event, bar none. I treasure the one photo I have of you, and look forward to more."

"I recall a dream I had, a few days ago, in which you played the lead role as the lady of great wisdom and beauty, and I played the role of the Fool. I was heartened by the dream, as I saw that even a Fool can be loved by a great lady such as you, in her own way. Perhaps the dream is a mere wish, perhaps a portent ... it matters not, for I treasure all thoughts and dreams of you. I know that I can never express my love for you, yet I take heart in that I have had the opportunity to bask in your glorious light for at least a moment."

Written August 4, 1987. For Hilary.

Dedicated to a lady in the SCA whom I had a crush on for a short while. :)

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