The Uncaring Fool

"...and the uncaring fool bumbled on, telling himself that he did not love, nor did he wish to. But witness that the fool lied to himself, for he wanted love, and badly so; he was still stricken to the core, cut to the quick, after she of the Lens and the Sun Goddess had both departed, leaving a void in his heart."

"Though he may seem oblivious of all around him, witness that he intently watches for any sign of love to be shown, and minutely counts and measures the affections bestowed sparingly upon him."

"And though he may stare squintingly into the light, still he cannot see it. He has roads ahead, but is unwilling and afraid to travel them, for fear of resurrecting long-buried ghosts and fearful memories. And thus he stumbles on, blindly seeing, searching without looking, praying without believing."

Written December 1, 1985.

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