Same Old Tracks

Wandering the empty streets,
His breath a fog around him;
Seeking a final answer,
His world is upside down.

Clenching aching fists,
His eyes see only red;
Trying to escape the pain,
His heart is hurt again.

Cursing his stupidity,
His lips move in silence;
Burning maniacal energy,
His feet carry him onward.

Striking out again,
His fists bear his fury;
Hating his foolish heart,
His shoulders sag in defeat.

Closing weary eyes,
His mind reflects on poor judgement;
Resolving to wait awhile,
His soul begins to heal, slowly, again.

A faraway train whistles, sadly,
Forever following the same old tracks.

Written October 31, 1991.

I wrote this just after breaking up with a girlfriend. 'Nuff said. :)

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