Reflections of Beauty

As I watch you from afar,
Stunning beauty that you are,
I cannot help but dream of you,
Of what you and I could do.

Reflections of beauty in the murky glass,
Daring myself to make a pass;
Reflecting on love and life so blue,
Knowing joy from the sight of you.

Sleekest lines and eyes so brown,
Within those eyes my soul could drown;
A subtle grace and a knowing smile,
Desire grows with every mile.

Musing on a fair and bonny lass,
Reflections of beauty in the murky glass;
Shyly retreating at the sight of you,
Always defeated at the thought of you.

Fragile links from long ago,
Reflections of beauty from within the snow;
One last line I have to say:
I look forward to seeing you another day.

Written February 10, 1988. For Sandi.

Sandi was a woman who had been on my youth bowling team eons ago. She resurfaced as a passenger on the bus that I took to work. This poem was published in the Brunswickan, the University of New Brunswick student newspaper.

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