The fire has long lain cold
Bitter ashes growing old
A lovely lass comes skipping through
Stirring the ashes to flame anew
Long dead feelings return to life
Warring 'motions locked in strife
Quickly flames mount to a fire
Heart and mind will soon conspire
How to capture love so new
How to say "I love you"
Walls come down at a glance
His heart leaps at such a chance
Plans and tactics soon arise
Such beauty does mesmerize
Flame-red hair and eyes true gray
"Oh, make her mine," does he pray
"Such joy, such love,"
Cry the stars above
Walking out of the darkest night
Reaching into the blinding light

Written June 18, 1991. For Vanessa.

I wrote this poem after meeting a remarkable woman. For the past few months before meeting her, I had not really pursued any woman, and she started my "flame anew".

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