Lady of mystery, lady of night,
Lady, I know this feeling is right;
Though I know every part of you,
Still I know nothing of you.

Jenna, lady, Jenna so near,
Reminding me of one so dear;
Lady of laughter, look at me,
My love for you is plain to see.

Cast in ink upon the page,
Every curve laid out on stage;
Striking resemblance though it may be,
Still it strikes deep within me.

Jenna, lady, Jenna so tall,
I see your likeness upon my wall;
Hours of intrigue, moments of delight,
Jenna, please be with me tonight.

Written April 25, 1988. For that unknown woman.

There was a woman who often took the same bus as I took to university. She looked remarkably similar to a woman in a magazine I had, whose name was supposedly Jenna; hence I dubbed her Jenna as well. :)

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