Exchanging Glances / Forever

A passerby, taking note,
Within his heart he waits with hope;
Waiting to be forever near,
Though his mind is filled with fear,
And his eye sheds a tear,
It's the thought of you that echoes here.

Shadows searching in the light,
Lonely hearts pass in the night,
Exchanged glances cross an empty room.

You are all I dream of,
And still I long for your love;
Glances of desire burning ever higher,
Embers of love swift catching fire,
Caught within a flame so dire,
Only you I can admire.

Waiting to be forever near,
Wanting you forever here,
Exchanging glances across an empty room.

Still I will see you anon,
As my love burns on and on,
Hoping to see you again,
Thoughts captured by the pen,
With love forever in full bloom,
We exchange glances 'cross an empty room.

Written March 2, 1988

This poem is a quick little bit of whimsy. I wrote it about an amazingly cute woman I kept passing in the hall at work.

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