Dance Hall Days

Yessir, listen to the radio,
Hear those fine old songs,
Remember those fine old days..

No worries, mate, no cares,
Just a young lad and a dream,
Back in those dance hall days..

Spinning and whirling 'round we go,
Spending time like it had no end,
Golden nights and sunny days..

Clinging to love, falling apart,
Just discovering that tender heart,
Remember those dance hall days..

Laughing and playing, forever young,
Never a worry about the days ahead,
Yessir, my boy, those were the days..

Songs so true, life so simple,
Finding out what love really was,
God, I loved those dance hall days..

Written July 4, 1990

This was inspired by the song of the same name, by Wang "FREAKING" Chung.

It is a fond reminiscence of the times I spent in Shearwater, Nova Scotia.

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