A Poem In Two Parts

The dancers whirl about the floor
Lost in their private embraces

The dancer looks all about him
Looking for his partner
Here just a moment ago

The tempo shifts
The mood moves on
Time moves on

He feels like the sky today
Sunny with cloudy periods
Chance of rain

The clouds smear across the sky
Hazy... lazy... maybe even crazy...
Yet the sun still shines
Good old Sol still shines

Written May 3, 1997

The inspiration for the style of this poem came from Dhomas Trenn, an old friend of mine. He wrote several books of poetry, of which I have two, and his writing style is markedly different from my own. He tends to write in a stream-of-consciousness kind of way, in short, choppy sentences and no upper-case letters to be seen. I cheated a bit and used upper-case, since I couldn't bring myself to omit them.

I was inspired for the content by looking out the window at the clouds - it's as simple as that.

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